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Ametek/US Gauge 415002 - 3.0", 1/2 NPT Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer, 0 to 200 °F, 2.5" Stem, Dual Scale

MPN: 415002
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The Ametek/US Gauge 415002 is a adjustable angle bimetal thermometer with a 3.0" dial size, 2.5" stem length, 1/4" stem diameter, 1/2 NPT connection size, 0 to 200 °F temperature range, and Dual Scale °F / °C. Ametek's heavy duty, industrial bimetallic thermometers come with a versatile case and stem that can be adjusted to almost any angle for easy viewing. The head can be rotated 360º and the stem positioning moves over 180º. These thermometers are rugged and preferred by the process, offshore, power, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The union connection is 1/2-14 NPT, but others are available.

Product Features / Technical Specifications
Model Type ADJ
Accuracy ±1%
Coil Type Bimetallic
Connection Size | Bimetal Thermometer 1/2" NPT
Connection Type | Bimetal Thermometer Adjustable Angle
Dial Face Glass
External Reset Yes - Standard
Stem Diameter | Bimetal Thermometer 1/4"
Stem Length | Bimetal Thermometer 2.5"
Temperature Range | Bimetal Thermometer 0 to 200 °F
Dial Size | Bimetal Thermometer 3.0"
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