Venture Product Lines:

  1. Niagara Meters - Niagara Meters is a flow meter company representing a complete line of flow meters for liquid, gas and steam applications. Positive Displacement, inferential, velocity and open channel types of flow meters are available.

  2. Bindicator - Bindicator is a leader in the bulk level management industry. Point and continuous level sensors prevent overflow spills, control surge bins, detect plugged chutes and provide on/off control of instruments.

  3. Kistler-Morse - Kistler-Morse company designs and manufactures bolt-on and load cell type weighing sensors that turn vessels into scales to provide total weighing solutions for bulk and in-process applications.

  4. ACCUBIN - Built from a solid foundation in world-class measurement equipment, AccuBin™ Inventory Management is a silo level monitoring system brought to you by the makers of Bindicator and Kistler-Morse.


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