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WIKA is a worldwide leader in pressure, temperature, level, force, and flow measurement, as well as in calibration. 

  • WIKA Pressure measurement products include pressure gauges and digital pressure gauges, pressure sensors, process transmitters, pressure switches, diaphragm seals and seal systems, valves, and pressure accessories. 
  • WIKA Temperature measurement products offer thermometers, digital indicators, thermocouples, temperature transmitters, temperature switches, and thermowells. 
  • WIKA Level measurement products include bypass level indicators, submersible pressure sensors, float switches, sight glass level indicators, continuous measurement with float, optoelectronic switches, external chambers, and measurement accessories. 
  • WIKA Force measurement products include a wide range of transducers, bending beams, load cells, load pins, tension links, electronics, and force accessories. 
  • WIKA Flow measurement products include flow elements, flow switches, air flow sensors, ultrasonic flow meters, and magnetic-inductive flow meters. 
  • WIKA Calibration products include digital pressure gauge calibration, hand-held calibrators, precision pressure measuring instruments, pressure controllers, pressure balances, portable pressure generation, reference thermometers, hand-held devices, calibration baths, portable temperature calibrators, resistance thermometer bridges, electrical calibration instruments, and calibration accessories. 
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