Featured Industries

      Centro Inc. stands as a distinguished distributor specializing in flow control and automation operations, boasting an extensive portfolio within the industry. Our success stems from our deep-rooted expertise in this specialized field, backed by years of practical experience. Over the years, we've honed our skills in reducing MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) costs, enhancing productivity, and elevating quality across our featured industries.

      Bulk Material Handling

      Centro excels in bulk material handling, showcasing expertise in railcar unloading systems, bag break stations, bulk bag unloaders, truck unloading systems, custom desiccant dehumidification, Airsweep Systems, industrial vibrators, bin activators, screw feeders, conveyors, flexible connectors, industrial fans and blowers, dust collection, fire and explosion mitigation, and airlocks. Learn more in our brochure below.

      Bulk Material Solutions Brochure

      Industrial Safety Solutions

      Centro's distinctive approach integrates products from our Instrumentation, Measurement, & Control Division with those from our Automation & Robotics Division to create tailored industrial safety solutions. What sets us apart is our comprehensive perspective on your manufacturing operations. Unlike distributors who may specialize in a single product or a specific process component, we take a holistic approach. Our expert team collaborates to optimize safety and productivity across your entire process. To learn more about our offerings, download our brochure and trust us as your partner in enhancing operational safety and productivity.

      Industrial Safety Solutions Brochure

      Heat Treatment Expertise

      Centro specializes in enhancing heat treatment process efficiency through its expertise in automation controls, instrumentation, and measurement and control products. With the diverse nature of heat-treating processes, precise control over variables like gas generation, soak and quench times, atmosphere, and temperature regulation is crucial. In response to the industry's demand for higher quality and quicker deliveries, Centro offers technology-driven automation control solutions that enable heat-treating experts to meet industry standards effectively. Our commitment to optimizing these critical processes underscores our dedication to helping heat treatment shops achieve their performance targets efficiently.

      Heat Treatment Brochure

      Food and Beverage Experts

      Cento, Inc. helps food and beverage manufacturers guarantee rigorous food safety and quality standards, save labor costs and meet an ever-growing demand. Get our free product spotlight on the top automation and robotics solutions in the food and beverage industry. 

      Food and Beverage Brochure

      An Expert Guide To Air Cylinders

      Air cylinders are offered in various industry standards and come in multiple shapes, sizes, and types within these standards. At first glance, the number of options can be a bit overwhelming. This guide focuses on a few of the most popular types of cylinders.

      Centro Cylinders Guide