Automation & Robotics Division

      Centro's Automation & Robotics Division is your go-to source for expertise and solutions tailored to businesses' automation needs. Explore our products for this division in the button below or request a quote!

      At Centro, we understand that automation is the future of industry, and we're here to help you harness its power. Automation not only saves you time but also opens up opportunities for cost reduction, enabling you to increase your profit margins. Centro boast expertise in popular PLC, HMI, and SCADA hardware and software systems, making us your go-to partner for configuring, programming, and troubleshooting both new and existing systems.

      Our core services include:

      • Control Panel Design and Fabrication: Crafted to meet your specific needs.
      • Engineered Guarding Solutions: Ensuring safety without compromising productivity.
      • Automated Conveyor Solutions: Streamline material handling with our innovative designs.
      • Robot Consulting and Programming: Tailored solutions to enhance task automation.
      • Cartesian Design and Fabrication: Precision and flexibility for your automation needs.

      Division Product Categories

      Below, you can find products available for online purchase now. Please note that we offer a broader range of products not listed here. To access our complete product catalog, kindly reach out to Centro or download our line card below.

      Centro is proud to offer a complete selection of grippers/end-of-arm tooling products as an industry leader in robotic automation. Centro has the ideal gripper for the job, regardless of your specific application. Pneumatic grippers are ideal for applications requiring a high degree of dexterity, while angular grippers are perfect for picking up objects from inclined surfaces. 4-finger grippers provide a wide range of motion and allow for the delicate handling of small parts, while cobot grippers are specifically designed for collaborative robots. O-ring grippers are perfect for applications requiring frequent replacement of parts or tools. Please browse our website today to learn more about our products and purchase the ideal gripper.

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      Centro carries a complete selection of mounts available to purchase online. Mounts are used to support physical and position sensors and, therefore, must be selected based on the sensor's size, weight, configuration, and operating environment. Mounts can be classified into three broad categories: bases, knuckles, and links. Bases are the simplest mount type, typically used for small or lightweight sensors. Knuckles provide more flexibility than bases and are often used for larger or heavier sensors. Links provide the most significant amount of flexibility and can be used for sensors of all sizes. When selecting a mount, it is crucial to consider the operating environment. Mounts made from stainless steel or aluminum are often used in harsh environments, while plastic mounts are typically reserved for less demanding applications. No matter what your Mounting needs may be, Centro has the perfect solution for you. Please browse our website today to learn more.

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      Air preparation is an integral part of many industrial and commercial applications. At Centro, we carry a complete selection of air preparation products to meet your needs. Our combination air prep units include filters, regulators, and lubricators in a single compact unit. We also offer standalone air filters, FRL filters, and regulators. Whatever your air preparation needs, we have the products to get the job done right. Browse our website today to learn more about our air preparation products and how they can benefit your business or application.

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      Barcode scanners are essential for businesses that track inventory levels and manage product data. Whether you need to scan items at a retail point of sale or track products in a warehouse, we have the proper barcode scanner for your business. At Centro, we carry a complete selection of barcode scanners, including fixed-mount scanners and handheld scanners. We also offer a wide range of barcode labels and software to help you get the most out of your scanner. Please browse our website today and look at our complete selection of barcode scanners.

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      At Centro, we carry a complete selection of sensors for all your industrial needs. Whether you're looking for a Detection Sensor to help with the early detection of potential problems or a Gas Detection Sensor to monitor air quality, we have the right sensor for the job. Our Flame Detection Sensors are designed to provide reliable fire detection in various industrial settings, and our selection of process control sensors can help you optimize your production line. With our online selection of available sensors, Centro is your one-stop shop for all your industrial sensor needs.

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      Industrial Shock Absorbers are designed to protect your equipment from the harmful effects of shock and vibration. Shock absorbers are essential to many industrial applications, including packaging, material handling, and machine tooling. Gas springs and dampers are also commonly used in industrial applications to control heavy objects' movement or cushion impact. Shock absorbers are an essential component in many industries, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of our customers. At Centro, we carry a complete selection of shock absorbers available to purchase online. In addition to shock absorbers, we also carry gas springs, dampers, and shock-absorbing lanyards. We have the right solution whether you are looking for a single unit or a complete system. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you protect your investment.

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      Safety equipment offers a comprehensive suite of solutions dedicated to enhancing workplace safety and equipment protection. This lineup includes vital components such as safety switches, sensors, pull cords, emergency stops, safety accessories, and intrinsically safe barriers. Each element is engineered to detect potential hazards, swiftly respond to unsafe conditions, and ensure workers' well-being and equipment integrity. Safety switches and sensors prevent accidents by detecting unsafe situations, while pull cords and emergency stops provide immediate shutdown options. Safety accessories enhance the ecosystem, and intrinsically safe barriers enable secure operations in hazardous environments. By integrating this advanced safety equipment, industries prioritize worker safety, minimize risks, and create secure, productive work environments.

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      Motion control is the process of managing the movement of objects through the use of Machinery. Motion Control products are used in various industries and applications, from automotive to aerospace. Centro carries a complete selection of motion control products available to purchase online. Products include servo motors, gearboxes, linear actuators, and more. No matter what your motion control needs are, Centro has the products and expertise to help you get the job done. Please browse our website today to learn more about our complete selection of motion control products.

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      Centro carries a complete selection of vision products available to purchase online. Vision Surveillance is the technology used to monitor and detect an area's activities: Smart Cameras capture and process images to be relayed to a Vision Controller. Vision Controllers are special computers designed to integrate and coordinate smart cameras in a surveillance system. A machine vision system is an assembly of integrated electronic components, computer hardware, and software that provides operational guidance to industrial processes by processing and analyzing the captured images from its environment. Lastly, an industrial Surveillance System is a complete package that pulls all these technologies together to create a cohesive whole. With Centro's wide online selection, customers are sure to find a suitable visual surveillance component for their needs.

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      Diaphragm seals are devices that seal pressure transmitters to prevent process fluid from coming into contact with the inner workings of the transmitter. Centro's diaphragm seals are made from high-quality rubber resistant to wear and tear. They are available in various sizes to fit most pressure transmitters. Centro carries a complete selection of diaphragm seals available to purchase online. In addition, Centro offers a wide range of accessories for diaphragm seals, including replacement diaphragms, o-rings, and mounting brackets. Whether you need a single diaphragm seal or a complete Diaphragm Seal kit, Centro has the products to keep your pressure transmitter working correctly.

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      Expertise in Robotics Integration and Application

      Our collaboration with customers extends beyond off-the-shelf solutions. We specialize in developing custom robotics solutions, seamlessly integrating robotics, IoT, material handling, and more to automate tasks and achieve your material handling objectives.

      Machine Vision: Precision Inspection Systems

      Experience improved processes and error reduction with our machine vision inspection systems. These intelligent systems ensure that every item meets your predefined standards, eliminating human fatigue and errors from the equation.

      Automated Identification Systems: Streamlined Data Integration

      Our automated identification systems, including barcode scanners and RFID technology, seamlessly integrate data acquisition with your existing applications. Whether you require handheld, fixed position, or mobile devices, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

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