Process Equipment & Sanitary Division

      Centro's Process Equipment and Sanitary Division is dedicated to industries where the efficiency of heat transfer, fluid mixing, and fluid transfer profoundly impacts manufacturing excellence and product quality.

      Enhancing Your Process Across Diverse Industries

      In industries as diverse as Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Chemical Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Industrial Waste Water, and Oil Refining, Centro's Process Equipment & Sanitary Division delivers products and solutions that directly elevate product quality and boost customer productivity.

      Explore our range of efficiency-driven applications:

      • Heat Exchangers: Enhancing efficiency, reducing waste and costs.
      • Mixing: Serving industrial and wastewater needs, offering repair services for all mixer brands.
      • Thermal Fluid Systems: Collaborating to improve thermal fluid systems.
      • Pumps: Integrating top-tier pump technology for fluid transfer objectives.
      • Tank Cleaning: Aligning cleaning tech with operation for efficiency and cost savings.
      • Sanitary Valves & Accessories: Minimize downtime, enhance reliability, and optimize output with the right valves.

      Division Product Categories

       Below, you can find products available for online purchase now. Please note that we offer a broader range of products not listed here. To access our complete product catalog,  kindly reach out to Centro or download our line card below.

      Centro offers a complete selection of process equipment for purchase online, including heat exchangers, fluid mixers, and fluid transfer pumps. Our process equipment is designed for handling fluids and gases under various temperature and pressure conditions. Our heat exchangers are available in multiple configurations to meet your application's needs, and our fluid mixers are designed to provide efficient and effective mixing of liquids and gases. Our fluid transfer pumps are available in various designs to meet your specific application's needs. Please browse our website today for more information.

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      Sanitary pumps, valves, and accessories are specialized components designed for applications that require hygienic and sterile fluid handling, such as in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. These products are constructed with materials and designs that meet stringent sanitary standards to ensure contamination-free processes. Sanitary pumps transfer liquids or viscous products without compromising product integrity. Sanitary valves control and regulate fluid flow in sanitary systems, while accessories such as sanitary fittings, clamps, gaskets, and seals ensure proper connections and leak-free operations. These products maintain product purity, prevent cross-contamination, and comply with industry regulations, making them essential in sanitary processing environments.

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      Dedicated Support and Expertise

      At Centro, you can rely on our unwavering commitment to provide unmatched support and expertise. Our team of experts offers in-depth sales and engineering assistance to process industries, representing high-quality technology-leading manufacturers. Explore how Centro's Process Equipment and Sanitary Division can enhance efficiency, quality, and productivity in your operations by leveraging our comprehensive range of applications and expertise to elevate your manufacturing excellence.

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