Filtration & Process Systems Division

      Centro's Filtration and Process Systems Division brings a wealth of experience and capabilities to the forefront, serving as a vital resource for customers seeking to enhance efficiency, product quality, cost-effectiveness, and emissions reduction.

      Comprehensive Services for Your Success

      Discover how Centro's Filtration & Process Systems Division can be your partner in achieving efficiency, quality, and sustainability in your manufacturing processes. Explore our comprehensive solutions and services, and let us be your catalyst for success.

      • Process review and recommendations: Tailoring solutions to your unique needs.
      • Compressed air surveys: Enhancing your understanding and optimization of compressed air systems.
      • Inventory consignment programs: Streamlining inventory management.
      • Vendor managed inventory programs: Optimizing your supply chain.
      • 3D facilities scanning and mapping: Ensuring precision in facility planning.
      • Dust collection design: Enhancing air quality and safety.
      • Fan sizing: Precision in fan selection for your applications.

      Division Product Categories

      Below, you can find products available for online purchase now. Please note that we offer a broader range of products not listed here. To access our complete product catalog, kindly reach out to Centro or download our line card below.

      Industrial filtration protects equipment, workers, and customers from harmful contaminants, purifies air, gas, and water, and separates and isolates products. It is used in various processes, including membrane filtration, centrifugal filtration, gravity filtration, vacuum filtration, chill/cold filtration, hot filtration, multi-layer filtration, mechanical filtration, surface filtration, and depth filtration. Filters used in industrial applications include air filters, electronic filters, EMI/FRI filters, fluid filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, water filters, and carbon filters.

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      Centro offers a complete range of process systems for purchase online, including chillers, cooling towers, eductors, blowers, and vacuum pumps. Process systems are used extensively in manufacturing and processing industries to maintain optimal conditions for production. Chillers remove heat from process fluids while cooling towers remove heat from circulating water used in industrial cooling and HVAC applications. Eductors use motive fluid to entrain another fluid and are often used for tank mixing, while blowers are used to move process gases or airstreams. Vacuum pumps create suction to evacuate air or other gases from an enclosed space. All of these process system components are available through Centro's online store.

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      Centro is your premier destination for top-tier industrial solutions, and our O-rings collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. Explore a comprehensive array of meticulously engineered O-rings, crafted from durable materials and precision-molded for reliability in various applications. Whether you require standard sizes or bespoke configurations, Centro provides a diverse range of O-rings to meet your specific needs. Our website offers comprehensive insights into specifications, technical details, and practical applications, empowering you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for your industrial sealing requirements. Count on Centro for excellence in O-Ring solutions, delivering unparalleled reliability and sealing precision for your operations.

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      Focused Solutions for Enhanced Manufacturing

      Centro's unwavering focus lies in processes where our solutions can profoundly impact manufacturing efficiency and product quality. We offer products for:

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