Centro's Company Divisions

      Centro is divided into six product focused divisions.  Each division has deep applications and product expertise in a specific part of the industrial process and discrete manufacturing.  The divisions also work together to develop interdependent product solutions that help customers reach their reliability, efficiency and output goals.  Each division represents a part of the customers manufacturing process with specialization in specific products and applications, and an ongoing recognition of the customer’s total manufacturing process.

      Automation & Robotics Division

      Centro's Automation & Robotics Division offers a wide range of expertise and solutions for businesses looking to automate and enhance their processes. Centro provides services like Control Panel Design, Engineered Guarding, Automated Conveyors, Robot Consulting, and Cartesian Design. Automation can benefit almost any company by saving time, improving efficiency, and reducing costs, and our team is skilled in configuring and programming various systems to achieve these advantages.

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      Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division

      Centro's Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division specializes in precision measurement and control solutions for industrial processes, enabling peak efficiency. Our Process Control & Safety offerings cater to a variety of industries, providing advanced control technologies and safety systems.

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      Process Equipment & Sanitary Equipment Division

      Centro's Process Equipment and Sanitary division specializes in providing solutions for industries where heat transfer, fluid mixing, and fluid transfer impact manufacturing efficiency and product quality. We offer a wide range of applications, including heat exchangers, mixers, thermal fluid systems, pumps, tank cleaning, and sanitary valving, along with dedicated engineering support, to optimize processes and enhance productivity across diverse sectors.

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      Filtration & Process Systems Division

      Centro's Filtration and Process Systems Division harnesses our expertise and capabilities to maximize efficiency, elevate product quality, minimize costs, and address emissions management. Our core areas encompass bulk solids handling, liquid purification, process cooling, and air movement solutions. As industry representatives, we provide valuable services such as process evaluations, inventory management, and facility scanning, offering holistic support to our clients.

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      Pump & Seal Division

      Centro's Pump and Seal Division specializes in optimizing industrial fluid processes, delivering efficiency, reliability, and safety. Through the right pump, seal, and control technology solutions, we enhance manufacturing efficiency, process reliability, product quality, and plant safety, backed by a team of experts and a comprehensive range of services.

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      Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products Division

      Centro's Valve, Actuation, and Engineered Products Division specializes in optimizing industrial manufacturing processes, focusing on critical areas like Process Control, Flow Control, Electric Tracing, Steam Control, and Loading and Unloading to enhance efficiency and product quality. With top-tier product lines and extensive experience, we provide integrated solutions that lower total ownership costs and support our customers' manufacturing goals. Our expertise spans Valving, Electric Heat Tracing, Steam Systems, Loading and Unloading, and Valve Actuation, all aimed at improving process reliability and lowering manufacturing costs.

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