Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division

      Elevating Industrial Efficiency Through Precision Solutions. Explore Centro's Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division.

      Centro's Instrumentation, Measurement and Control Division is your compass in the industrial process manufacturing industry. We provide the tools and expertise needed to measure and control critical process variables, empowering you to operate your plants at peak efficiency.

      We offer a range of key services, including:

      • Brand-specific, factory-authorized technical training: Empowering your team with knowledge.
      • Fully authorized mechanical gauge repair and assembly: Ensuring accuracy in measurements.
      • Fully authorized diaphragm seal repair and assembly: Enhancing instrument performance.
      • Inventory consignment programs: Streamlining your inventory management.
      • Vendor-managed inventory programs: Optimizing your supply chain.
      • Product instrument repairs: Extending the life of your instruments.
      • 24-hour emergency response: Your trusted partner when time is critical.

      Division Product Categories

      Below, you can find products available for online purchase now. Please note that we offer a broader range of products not listed here. To access our complete product catalog, kindly reach out to Centro or download our line card below.

      Centro carries a complete selection of controllers available to purchase online. This includes Process Meters, Panel Meters, and PID controllers. Process Meters measure and control process variables such as temperature, pressure, level, and flow. Panel Meters measure and display panel information such as current, voltage, power, frequency, and phase. PID controllers automatically control process variables such as temperature, pressure, level, and flow. Centro also carries a complete line of Process Automation products, including Process Sensors, Process Valves, Process Pumps, Process Actuators, and Process Controllers.

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      Flow meters are a piece of essential equipment for many industries, as they allow for accurately measuring fluid flow rates. At Centro, we carry a complete online selection of flow meters, including magnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, and positive displacement flow meters. We also offer a variety of accessories and replacement parts to ensure that your flow meter always operates at peak efficiency. Whether you're looking for a new flow meter or need to restock your supplies, Centro has everything you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

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      Compression fittings are used in a variety of industries for a multitude of applications. Compression fittings are most commonly used in applications where copper or brass tubing is inserted into the fitting. The ferrule then compresses the tubing, creating a watertight seal. Compression fittings can be found in everything from plumbing and refrigeration to automotive and aerospace applications. Our team is proud to offer a wide variety of standard and custom compression fittings, ensuring that you'll find the perfect solution for your needs. At Centro, we carry a complete selection of both instrument and compression fittings, available to purchase online. Please browse our website to learn more about our products and services.

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      Level control is essential for many industrial and commercial applications, ranging from simple water tanks to complex chemical processing systems. Industrial applications often require control to maintain safe and efficient operations. This can be accomplished through the use of float switches or differential pressure control. Float switches are devices used to measure the level of a liquid in a tank. They work by using a float that is attached to a switch. When the float rises or falls with the level of the liquid, the switch is activated. This can then be used to trigger an alarm or shut off a pump. Differential pressure control is another level control method that uses pressure sensors to measure the difference in pressure between two points. This can be used to determine the liquid level in a tank. Differential pressure control is often used in applications requiring precise level control. At Centro, we carry a complete selection of level-control products to meet your needs. Our float switches are ideal for small-scale applications, while our radar and differential pressure control systems are designed for more demanding environments. We also offer load cells for use in weight-based level measurement. Whether you need a simple float switch or a sophisticated differential pressure system, Centro has your level control products.

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      Centro carries a complete selection of pressure control products available to purchase online. Our inventory includes pressure gauges, switches, and pressure transmitters from leading manufacturers. Pressure control is essential for various applications, and our products are designed to provide reliable performance in even the most demanding environments. Whether you need a simple gauge to monitor system pressure or a sophisticated transmitter to provide real-time data monitoring, we have the right product for your needs. So please browse our online selection today.

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      At Centro, we carry a complete selection of sensors for all your industrial needs. Whether you're looking for a Detection Sensor to help with the early detection of potential problems or a Gas Detection Sensor to monitor air quality, we have the right sensor for the job. Our Flame Detection Sensors are designed to provide reliable fire detection in various industrial settings, and our selection of process control sensors can help you optimize your production line. With our online selection of available sensors, Centro is your one-stop shop for all your industrial sensor needs.

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      Swivel joints are crucial components used to connect pipes or hoses in a fluid system, allowing for rotation and movement in various directions. These versatile joints are commonly employed in industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, and firefighting, where flexible connections are essential to accommodate movement, vibration, and thermal expansion. Swivel joints provide a reliable solution for preventing hose or pipe kinks, reducing stress on equipment, and enabling smooth fluid transfer even in challenging environments. With different sizes, materials, and pressure ratings available, swivel joints offer the flexibility needed to meet specific application requirements and ensure efficient fluid handling.

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      At Centro, we carry a complete selection of temperature measurement, instrumentation, and control devices to suit any industrial or commercial application. For various reasons, temperature measurement, instrumentation, and Control products are critical to industrial systems. Thermocouples, for example, are used extensively in industry to measure temperatures in a wide range of applications. Temperature switches are used to control the temperature of a process or system. All three of these products are essential to properly functioning industrial systems. Whether you need a simple temperature gauge for an easy fix or a sophisticated control system for a large factory, we have the products and expertise to meet your needs. Thermocouples, temperature switches, thermometers, and transmitters are available online, and our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer any questions. So please browse our selection today and find the perfect solution for your temperature monitoring needs.

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      Valves are fundamental components used in fluid control systems to regulate, control, and direct the flow of fluids. These devices are essential for various industries, including oil and gas, water treatment, manufacturing, and HVAC. Valves come in different types each designed for specific applications and operating conditions. Valves ensure efficient and safe fluid handling with features like durable construction, reliable sealing mechanisms, and precise flow control. They play a critical role in maintaining process integrity, optimizing system performance, and ensuring equipment and personnel safety.

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      Diaphragm seals are devices that seal pressure transmitters to prevent process fluid from coming into contact with the inner workings of the transmitter. Centro's diaphragm seals are made from high-quality rubber resistant to wear and tear. They are available in various sizes to fit most pressure transmitters. Centro carries a complete selection of diaphragm seals available to purchase online. In addition, Centro offers a wide range of accessories for diaphragm seals, including replacement diaphragms, o-rings, and mounting brackets. Whether you need a single diaphragm seal or a complete Diaphragm Seal kit, Centro has the products to keep your pressure transmitter working correctly.

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      Precise Process Control and Enhanced Safety

      Centro boasts comprehensive experience in process control and safety across diverse industries, including chemical manufacturing, energy generation, pulp & paper, food & beverage production, and refining.

      Our extensive knowledge extends to:

      • Tailored solutions, including single loop and batch controllers, along with integrated control systems.
      • Workplace safety assurance through portable toxic gas detection and industrial fire safety systems.
      • Facility protection reliability via fixed toxic gas detection and industrial fire safety systems.
      • Precision enhancement for your processes through mechanical instrumentation

      Engineering Excellence

      At Centro, we believe that engineering excellence is the foundation of reliability, safety, and quality in your operations. We collaborate closely with your engineering team to enhance process reliability, safety, and overall quality.

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