Dwyer's Rocon Delta Point Flow Sensor 


      The Dwyer Rocon - Delta Point Manifold Flow Sensor is used in resistance welding cells. Delta Point protects the quality of critical welds by monitoring cooling water to weld tips and transformers. The heart of the system is two vortex-shedding flowmeters tuned at every point to match each other's calibration. Dwyer flowmeters measure flow by frequencies of vortices and have no moving parts to stick or jam. The result is high reliability and low maintenance.


      Low Pricing & Trial Installation


      The Dwyer Rocon - Delta Point Manifold Flow Sensor often replaces inferior mechanically based systems. Proprietary design and manufacturing techniques allow for low pricing. Contact your Centro Representative to learn more about installing a trial unit at your plant. All trials are subject to approval.

      Instrumentation, Measurement & Control


      Andy Silas

      Division Sales Manager

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