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      Valves control, regulate, or direct the flow of fluids, such as water, gas, and other substances. They work by opening, closing, or obstructing passageways using flaps or other movable parts. There are three main types of valves: manual, actuated, and automated. Manual valves are operated by hand using handwheels, levers, chains, or gear whee...


      Needle Valves

      Needle valves are precision valves commonly used to control the fluid flow rate in a system with high ac...

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      Valve Accessories

      Valve accessories are additional components that enhance the functionality and performance of valves in ...

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      Centro is proud to announce that we finalized the acquisition of Eagle Valve Solutions of Memphis on April 1. Mike Milligan, the founder of Eagle Valve, has agreed to join Centro in the role of Business Development Manager of the Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products division at Centro.