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      Power Solutions

      Centro is a distributor of Staco Energy Products, a prominent manufacturer specializing in a wide array of critical power quality solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and reliability, Staco Energy Products delivers a comprehensive suite of products designed to cater to various requirements across commercial, industrial, ut...

      Staco Products

      UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLIES (UPS): On-Line Double Conversion topology provides the highest protection to mission critical facilities.

      POWER FACTOR CORRECTION & HARMONICS MITIGATION: A wide array of options to handle your power factor correction and harmonic mitigation needs reducing your utility costs and increasing facility efficiency.

      VARIABLE TRANSFORMERS & TEST SETS: Robust and customizable power supply for your testing applications.

      REGULATION & POWER CONDITIONING: Multiple topologies available allow you to select the right technology for your voltage regulation applications.

      BATTERY MONITOR: Wired Battery Monitoring System to provides complete real time status of your battery system.

      FREQUENCY CONVERSION: Frequency Converter creates the correct power configuration for your international applications.