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The reverse-acting US/S-XR (Ultra Surface Sensing) temperature control valve may be installed with the valve’s Thermoloid® thermal actuator immersed in the process line or mounted non-invasively to with the piping with the optional band-o-let fitting. This allows the thermal wax actuator to be in contact with the process directly or through thermal conduction to regulate the flow of the cooling media.

If the fluid is above the desired set-point temperature, the valve will open allowing cooling fluid to flow until the process flow temperature drops to 10°F below the set-point. Once this occurs the valve will modulate closed again providing an optimal environment for the process.


Typical Applications


These compact self-contained control valves can be used to control cooling media to economically remove heat from equipment or a process. In general, they can be used whenever accurate, low-cost control is required, but a common application is controlling cooling media flow to a sample cooler in response to sample temperature.

The US/S-X direct-acting valve can also be used to regulate the flow of heating media to prevent a process from overheating.


Design Features

  • Exclusive self-actuating Thermoloid® wax blend thermal actuator
  • Compact low mass – fast response
  • Ram-type plug for reliable shut off
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Narrow temperature band
  • Unaffected by pressure variations


  • Self-operating – no external power source required
  • Maintains optimal process temperature
  • Prevents process overheating
  • Discharges minimal amount of media for temperature control
  • Long service life
  • Quick and easy installation




664 - 000000 - XXX

1/2” US/S-XR-S

664 - 010000 - XXX

1/2” US/S-XR-S-BAND2

665 - 000000 - XXX

3/4” US/S-XR-S

665 - 010000 - XXX

3/4” US/S-XR-S-BAND2


  1. Full open temperatures “XXX” available: 040°F, 045°F, 050°F, 060°F, 070°F, 075°F, 085°F, 095°F, 100°F, 105°F, 110°F, 115°F, 120°F, 125°F, 130°F, 140°F, 150°F, 160°F, 170°F, 175°F, 180°F, 190°F, 200°F, and 210°F.
    1. Closing temperature is typically 10°F below opening temperature for Reverse Acting valves.
  2. Includes Band-O-Let fitting.
  3. Buna is standard; Viton, EPDM, and Kalrez are available. 


  • Sizes: ½”, ¾”
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 200 PSIG (13.8 BAR)
  • Maximum Valve End Temperature: 388°F (198°C)
  • Maximum Sensing End Temperature: 150°F (66°C) over set-point – limit 300°F (149°C)


US/S-XR (Ultra Sense Control Valve) Product Sheet
US/S-XR Installation and Maintenance Instructions
Instrument and Process Temperature Control Brochure

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