Research and Development, Material Testing – All in One Place


      Through our SCHUNK Blue-Level partnership, Centro offers our customers exclusive access to this innovation center conveniently located in Morrisville, NC, where engineers and industry pros collaborate to push the boundaries of manufacturing efficiency. Don't miss your chance to:

      1. Research and develop new robotics technologies

      2. Rapidly prototype and test ideas

      3. Tackle material testing mysteries 

      4. Simulate and twin digital prototypes 

      5. Verify new tech in live testing environments 


      Revolutionizing the way we work by bringing humans and robots together


      Cobots have the potential to revolutionize the way we work by enabling humans and robots to work side-by-side, increasing productivity, improving safety, and reducing costs.

      The Schunk CoLab is an innovation center that develops collaborative robotics and automation technologies.

      The CoLab addresses the growing need for automation solutions in the manufacturing industry, and it is paving the way for a more efficient and effective future. 

      Automation & Robotics Division


      Steve Hartling

      Division Sales Manager

      [email protected]