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      Pressure Reducing Valves


      A well-designed steam system will produce clean, dry, high-pressure steam for distribution from the boiler room. This maximizes the potential to generate and supply saturated steam of the best quality at the lowest overall cost.

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      BRV 71 & 73 Valves


      BRV 71 & 73 - BRV valves are designed for use with steam, compressed air, and other gases and are ideal for point-of-use installations, offering a cost-effective alternative to more sophisticated valves.

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      SRV2S Valves


      SRV - The SRV2S is an all-stainless steel version of the BRV2S - a compact, direct-acting pressure-reducing valve designed for use with steam, compressed air, and other gases.

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      LRV2 Valves


      The LRV2 is a direct-acting pressure-reducing valve intended for use on liquids. The compact design makes it ideal for point-of-use applications, and the pressure-balanced head enables accurate and stable pressure control under all load conditions.


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