Clamping Technology and Gripping Systems

      SCHUNK stands tall as one of the foremost manufacturers of automation components, tool holders, and workholding equipment. With a rich history of innovation and engineering excellence, SCHUNK has established itself as a trusted partner for industries worldwide.


      At the heart of SCHUNK's product portfolio lies its...

      Delicate Handling with Minimal Distortion

      SCHUNK provides invaluable support to numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. When dealing with fragile applications like these, opting for an electric gripper like the WSG offers distinct advantages. The WSG's standout feature is its ability to finely adjust grip force to as low as 5N. A SCHUNK servo-electric gripper empowers operators with closed-loop feedback on position and grip force, enabling the handling of exceptionally fragile components with minimal deformation. At the same time, it maintains SCHUNK's signature precision and reliability, accommodating a wide range of components.

      SCHUNK CoLab

      Are you seeking a solution to avoid blind adoption of new technology without proper testing? Look no further than the SCHUNK CoLab—an innovation hub dedicated to collaborative robotics and automation.

      The SCHUNK CoLab serves as a collaborative space for engineers and industry experts to engage in research and development, rapid prototyping, material testing, simulation, digital twinning, and live testing and verification. Bid farewell to risky technology rollouts and usher in optimized assembly efficiency with the SCHUNK CoLab—it's the future of manufacturing, and it's calling out to all manufacturers!

      As Blue-Level SCHUNK partners, we extend exclusive access to this innovation center to our customers. Here's your chance to:

      1. Pioneer new robotics technologies through research and development.
      2. Swiftly prototype and test your innovative ideas.
      3. Tackle the mysteries of material testing.
      4. Create and simulate digital prototypes.
      5. Verify the performance of new technology in live testing environments.

      Imagine being able to test an advanced robotic gripping system designed to enhance assembly efficiency before implementing it in your facility. Now, you can do just that—for free.