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Centro is an authorized distributor of Parker Finite. Finite is a brand that represents compressed air and gas filtration products manufactured by Parker Hannifin. Parker Finite offers a wide range of industrial filtration products such as coalescing, particulate, and adsorption filters, dryers, filter-regulator-lubricator combination units, and compressed air accessories.

Parker Finite is represented by the following series

  • Compressed Air and Gas Filtration including HX Series, H Series, BA Series, ASMN, WN Series
  • High Pressure and Alternative Fuel Filtration including M Series, FFC Series, J Series, A5R, A1R, S5R, S1R, S1L, SM, SJ, LPGR, LPGD Series
  • Instrumentation and Gas Sampling Filters including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Filters, Disposable In-Line Filters
  • Dryers including FDD Desiccant Dryers, FMD Membrane Dryers
  • Par–Fit Conversion Elements


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